PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING: (One person): From £35 per session payable for 10 sessions in advance unless otherwise arranged.

SHARED FITNESS TRAINING: (Maximum 4 persons): From £45 per session payable for 10 sessions in advance unless otherwise arranged. Each session lasts for one hour.

EQUIPMENT HIRE: From £5 per week.

FITNESS TEST: £35 - This will typically take 30 – 45 minutes (see below). A Fitness Test must be conducted before any training commences.

CANCELLATION CHARGES: Cancellations made within 24 hours prior to the session - full fee payable. No refunds are available.


• What does the FITNESS TEST involve and why do I need one?

This is a series of measurements to give a general assessment of your current physical status. These measurements include Resting Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Percentage Body fat, Lung Function, Muscular endurance and aerobic capacity (estimated VO2 max). This test will show the areas that need working on the most, and any fitness test done at a later stage will show all areas of improvement and target extra work required. ***** A Full fitness test MUST be performed before any training can commence. *****

• How many sessions do I need per week?

The number of sessions per week needed is much dependant on your specific goals and the time frame for this. Obviously the more sessions you have the greater the amount of time we can spend training and the quicker results will come. Remember also that the price per session is reduced with the more sessions per week taken. You could consider sharing the sessions with a friend who is committed to the same goals & you'll both benefit from the mutual motivation, achieve even better results and save money.

• Will I have to do any exercise sessions on my own?

Depending on the number of sessions per week and your specific goals, you may need to spend some time doing some extra work on your own to keep things ticking over between the Personal Trainer's visits. This will generally be activity to raise your metabolism and keep you generally more active. You can take advantage of my equipment hire and user-friendly lone training package in between sessions if required.

• Will I have to go on a diet and give up drink as soon as I start training?

Initially the exercise sessions will be the only change to your routine. Starting a regular exercise programme will usually be enough to see significant changes. As time goes on the effect of diet and social habits (like drinking and smoking) can have a profound effect on progress and there will inevitably be lifestyle modifications necessary to continue making improvements.

• What do I do next?

Arrange a FREE Consultation to discuss your specific requirements. • Arrange a FITNESS ASSESSMENT and wait for your REPORT. Schedule the first of your One-to-One training sessions. .............Reap the rewards of a fitter healthier body......the sooner you start the sooner you'll start to see the benefits.

For more information, give us a call now on 01625269047 or send an email direct to us.