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I am a fully qualified, experienced Fitness Professional with extensive skills and knowledge of exercise and fitness programming on a 1:1 and group level.

Since 1993 I have taught a variety of classes including Step, Hi-Lo, Conditioning, Circuits and Combat at local leisure centres and private health clubs. I have also done regular Fitness Presenting work for Leisure Plan Hotel weekends as well as my own Master classes within various health Club chains across the UK. I have been involved in an 'Aerobics Instructor Educational Programme' for Macclesfield Borough Council.

On the Personal Training front I have trained numerous clients with vastly differing backgrounds and requirements on a 1:1 basis with excellent results. This work has required me to travel abroad to clients for Fitness Assessments and hands on training as well as taking on a 'distance supervisory 'role on my return. I make a point of regularly attending Masterclasses and Workshops in order to keep my knowledge base up to date and thus employing all the latest developments and methods in my teaching.

The most high profile project I have been involved with was with celebrity Tricia Penrose from the 60's TV programme 'Heartbeat' where I successfully trained her over a 13-week period to lose over 2 stones in weight and achieve a fantastic toned body. This workout was encompassed in the DVD 'My before and after Body Blitz' released in December 2007.

Professional Qualifications

  • Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree – BSc (Hons.)
  • FOCUS TRAINING Personal Trainer Certificate Level 3
  • SHAPE Fitness Education Step/Aerobics ETM Certificate
  • Fitness Instructor First Aid/ CPR Certificate
  • Pure Energy Fitness Presenter Certificate
  • Kettlebell Group-X Kettlebell Instructor Certificate
  • Juice Performance - Fat Loss Strategies course

What you need is what you get!

Just tell me your goals and let me design a programme to suit………………..

Beach Body!

My 'Fast Track' summer body programme will structure everything around your departure so you'll hit the beach looking and feeling great

Special Occasion!

Want to look amazing at your wedding or other landmark event? I can help you shape up for your big day.

Turning back the clock!

Turn back the clock with strengthening and postural exercise, to become fitter than you were 10 years ago

Yummy Mummy!

Shift any excess weight and fully recover after the birth. This training adapts with your body ensuring you can safely exercise throughout the whole experience!

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